Advisory council

Small Business Australia Pty Ltd is a membership group that represents the interests of small business owners and employees at all levels of Government – Local, State and National. 

Small Business Australia is overseen by an Advisory Council comprising hands-on Australians from all major industry sectors who have a history of owning, working in or serving Australian small businesses.

The Advisory Council is responsible for:

  • ensuring as many people in small business as possible know about Small Business Australia
  • creating and running Campaigns that meet the needs of our members
  • reviewing requests to create new Chapters

The Small Business Australia Advisory Council comprises:


Bill Lang - Executive Director

Bill is passionate about helping people in small business achieve big goals. An adviser to the Australian Small Business Association in the 1980’s, Bill has consulted for a number of businesses, across a range of industries, both here and overseas. He has founded and run several businesses of his own, and is currently CEO of Bill Lang International, which provides business improvement solutions to businesses of all sizes operating in over 50 countries. /




Grace Collier

Grace is an Industrial Relations Management expert and commentator. She assists business with all manner of problems in the workplace, ranging from provision of dismissal services though to agreement making and representation in Fair Work Australia. Grace provides practical and realistic solutions to workplace relations problems and is a passionate supporter of workplace rights.


Michel Hogan 

Michel is a passionate Brand Advocate. Through her work with Brandology here in Australia and in the United States, she helps organisations of any size bring alignment to who they are, what they do and what they say – in the process building more authentic and sustainable brands. She is a speaker and writer, publishing the Brand thought leadership blog Brand Alignment and blogging on Brand Matters for Smart


Jon Harker

Jon has built a versatile media career covering writing, directing and presenting across radio, print and TV. He is the founder and head of creative development for Hark Attack, which provides superior customer focused marketing solutions.


Domenic Carosa

Domenic started his first business venture at the age of five; he is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading business entrepreneurs in the internet and digital industry. Domenic is currently the founder and CEO of Dominet Digital, a boutique investment and consulting group with a focus on Digital, Innovation and Investments.


Tracy Ruffin

Tracy has owned and operated three businesses in the past 10 years, and has a further 10 years’ experience in small, medium and large enterprises.

Tracy founded Advize and Dezign to help people lead, manage and communicate more effectively in the workplace. She combines her corporate and small business experience in management, sales and people development to help others succeed.


Ross Cameron

Ross founded the Cameron Research Group in 1992 to specialise in researching small and medium sized business owners. Since then Ross has personally conducted over 500 group discussions and over 1,000 face to face interviews with owners of small and medium sized businesses. He is a passionate and engaged advocate for the small business community and has spent almost 20 years researching the thrills and spills experienced by business owners.


Rob Hartnett

Rob Hartnett, founder and director of Selling Strategies International, has over twenty years' experience working with global and Australian firms in sales and marketing roles.

He is a dynamic and inspirational speaker on developing high performance businesses, and is the author of two best-selling books including “Small Business, Big Opportunity – winning the right customers through smart marketing and advertising.”


Trevor Young

Trevor Young is the founding principal of two businesses - communications consultancy parkyoung and media relations specialist The Ledbetter Agency. He is an avid blogger ( and speaker/presenter on topics relating to public relations, marketing and social media.