The Small Business Australia Creed

We believe:

  • Entrepreneurs and their employees are the heart of the Aussie economy and the driving force behind thriving local communities.
  • Competitive markets provide the best opportunity to create healthy, vibrant and sustainable local communities that form a vital component of the national economy.
  • In a culture of enterprise, where creativity, initiative and learning through action are celebrated, and where profit is not a dirty word.
  • In the importance of a great education system – one that develops enterprise skills, and enables individuals to rapidly acquire the skills required to contribute effectively and productively as part of a team.
  • In a fair and just taxation system. We demand that our taxes be used responsibly and accountably – that they are well invested, provide a reasonable return on investment, and that whoever is in charge is held accountable for poor performance.
  • In Specific Votes like Referendums and Plebiscites on major tax and economy wide policy changes
  • That healthy businesses need healthy employees. We’re committed to helping governments develop strategies to tackle the underlying causes of the prevalent physical and mental health issues affecting Australians (not just the symptoms).
  • In strength in numbers, and that if we speak with one voice our views will be heard in the corridors of power.