Why is Small Business Australia important?

The small business sector needs:

  • Educated and skilled people
  • Healthy people
  • Efficient and effective government services
  • Public transport, energy, water and other infrastructure services
  • A legal system that supports small business
  • Transparency of Government departments, and rapid application processing & decision-making
  • Efficient and effective private services

To ensure the needs of the small business sector are heard, we need to speak with one loud and clear voice. Small Business Australia ensures your needs are heard in the corridors of power. We conduct five minute Small Business Member Surveys every two months or so to uncover the key issues affecting you, so we can raise them with the powers that be.

How does being a member help?

By joining Small Business Australia, you add strength to our voice – the more people in small business that join, the louder our voice becomes, and the more we will be heard. Once you become a member you can help us grow by inviting other people in small business to join – there's strength in numbers!

Can I suggest a campaign?

Yes! We're here to represent your views, so let us know about specific issues or causes that will help improve the small business sector. They can be at a local, state or national level.

You can suggest a campaign by emailing us.

Why is education important to the success of the small business sector?

We believe that education has a significant bearing on the success of small businesses – not just now, but also for the next generation of small business people.

It is crucial to develop enterprise skills early, so our budding entrepreneurs learn that anything is possible with know-how, confidence and a can-do attitude – and that PROFIT is not a dirty word.

Our youth also need to learn the skills that will enable them to effectively and productively contribute as part of a team. And furthermore, in today’s ever-changing environment we need to teach them how to rapidly and effectively learn new skills - to embrace and thrive on change!

We want practical languages, reading and writing, everyday mathematics, personal health and social skills taught. We also need to understand and eradicate the causes of bullying and other antisocial behaviour.

We provide enterprise education resources to schools via the website www.enterprising.com.au.

How can I get involved?