The Issues

The issues we tackle will be determined by our members, and the key issues of the moment that affect the small business sector. We will regularly send members a brief (5 minute) Small Business survey to gauge views on a variety of topics so we can understand the major issues affecting you.

The policy areas at the heart of the Small Business Australia mission include: 

  • Taxation and Public Service Efficiency: we are the biggest collectors of taxes in Australia, we want to ensure they provide the right incentives, are competitive and are used on programs that actually deliver. Education: we want to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in our young people, and ensure they possess the skills essential to small business success
  • Public services (local, state, national): we will continually push for world-class effective transport, health, police and infrastructure services, and a legal system that supports small business
  • Health: small businesses need healthy people; we want governments to focus on physical and mental health issues, and implement measures to reduce the growing culture of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Support Australian: we will push for majority Australian ownership of strategic industries/companies, and encourage consumers to support Australian-owned businesses
  • Government: small business owners are always accountable for their decisions; we believe politicians and bureaucrats should likewise be, transparent and accountable too. We will monitor key policy promises and spending programs to ensure we get the best outcomes and greatest value for our tax dollars.