Why is Small Business Australia needed?

Small business people are not only the driving force of the Australian economy; they’re also a central part of communities across the country.

In these challenging times, it’s never been more important to support small business owners and their employees. Decisions made by Local, State and Commonwealth Governments have a direct impact on those that own and work in small businesses, and on the next generation that hope to follow in their footsteps.

We’re about giving you - the unsung Aussie small business hero - a voice, so your concerns can be heard when important decisions are made that affect you and your family.

Are you one of the millions of frustrated small business owners, managers and employees across Australia who:

  1. don’t feel they get any respect or recognition for the contribution they make to the Aussie economy – just more tax and red tape for your efforts?
  2. feel Governments focus too much on the big end of town, leaving the little guy to carry the can?
  3. feel no one cares about their opinions, let alone listen to the issues affecting the survival of their business or job?
  4. feel the only time they have any power is once every 3 or 4 years when they vote in elections – and the real effect that decision has on their work and home life is questionable at best?

Small business owners and employees have little opportunity for direct policy input into the political leadership and management of your communities or country - despite being the backbone of Australia’s economy.

Existing representative bodies are usually industry specific or have only a small percentage of eligible businesses as members. The overwhelming majority of small business owners and their employees are not members of these associations. Many sole business operators, freelancers and contractors cannot find organisations that seek and represent their views.

Fed up with not having a voice, several small business owners and employees saw an opportunity: to leverage the power of the internet and social media technology to form community action groups at a national, state and local level that would affect change to benefit those working in the small business sector.

Small Business Australia was created to unite small business owners and their employees, so that your concerns are conveyed to the powers that be with one clear, powerful voice.   So we can stand together and be heard on the issues that impact our families, our communities and our businesses.

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