Media Release

Small Business Australia: At last, a voice for people in small business

Bill Lang, Executive Director of Small Business Australia, is thrilled to announce the birth of an organisation dedicated to ensuring the views, issues and concerns of people in small business are heard in the corridors of power.

"The hard-working, undervalued people in the small business sector have been pushed around too long. We make a huge contribution to Australia’s economy, and we want small business people to be proud of that fact," said Mr Lang.
"We will be 'the voice' through which the issues and concerns affecting people in small business are heard by the powers that be."
Small Business Australia will use its growing membership base to push for changes at Local, State and National levels of government.
"Our first campaign," said Mr Lang, "is to let the millions of people who own, run or work in a small business know they can join with us. There is strength in numbers - the more members we have, the more weight our campaigns will carry."
Mr Lang said future campaigns will be identified through feedback from members. “We want to listen to the real issues affecting people in small business. We’ll speak with members regularly to find out where improvements can be made in government services, taxation, local council regulations, and a host of other areas.”
To join Small Business Australia click here, or to learn more about the objectives of the organisation contact us.