Our Mission

To build a thriving small business sector that ensures a strong future for all Australians.

To achieve this Mission we will:

Encourage the growth and sustainability of Australian small businesses for the benefit of both owners and employees, and build an online community where small business people can congregate, communicate and collaborate to help each other and their communities.

Improve the efficiency and accountability of all levels of government, and push for policies that support the growth of a healthy small business sector while at the same time representing the key issues affecting people in small business.

Celebrate the contribution made by people in small business to the economy and to local communities and promote the importance of the small business sector to the media, to ensure our views form an important part of the decision-making process.

Develop an enterprise culture whereby people (especially our youth) are encouraged and supported to gain the attitudes and skills necessary to maintain a vibrant and sustainable small business sector; this includes providing resources for schools to create an appreciation of enterprising Australians and the desire to learn entrepreneurial skills (visit www.enterprising.com.au for more details).