The Human Performance Company helps organisations transform performance by implementing proven, Best-of-Breed solutions sourced from the world’s leading providers of performance improvement products and services.
Bill Lang International provides world-class, cost effective and lasting business improvement solutions that help businesses to boost productivity and increase profit. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses, large and small, operating in over 50 countries, to improve business performance in order to drive growth and profit.    |

Flexirent is a sensible way to pay for technology such as computers, office equipment, digital cameras and IT equipment. You can spread the cost of equipment over its useful life, yet it is flexible enough to allow you to upgrade to new equipment at any time. (Conditions apply).

You select the equipment from the dealer of your choice. There is no deposit and the low monthly payments are typically tax deductible for people using equipment mainly for business. In addition to being covered by a “Complete Protection Package”, “Flexirenting” offers many other advantages.

Hark Attack takes pride in delivering superior customer focused and results driven marketing solutions.

We listen and take the time to understand your needs. We deliver what we promise and tailor the team to meet your unique challenge.

If you’re after real people who offer authentic, measurable solutions then Hark Attack may be the right partner for you.

Cameron Research Group, founded in 1992, specialises in providing marketing research and strategy services to large businesses and other stakeholders seeking to develop their understanding and insight into small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their business owners. 

Cameron Research undertakes a range of ongoing studies examining SME behaviour and perceptions and how these change over time.

Dominet Digital is a boutique investment and consulting group with a focus on Digital, Innovation and Investments. Dominet brings together a group of seasoned professionals across strategy, sales, marketing, financial and operations.

CEO of Dominet, Domenic Carosa, also manages Internet Investment fund Future Capital and is past Chairman of the Internet Industry Association. Domenic holds a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University.

Brand is “both what we want to believe is true and what our actions show to be true about ourselves.” Brandology shows you a different way to think about your brand – one that uncovers and represents the authentic brand foundation that lives within every organization.

We work to bring internal operating reality and external market perception into alignment so the result is a truth based brand which: supports an enduring culture; drives sustainable differentiation, and withstands the test of time.
Cubit Media Research is a boutique research house that specialises in studying how the media influences organisational success.
Over the past 15 years, the Company has built a reputation for delivering accurate, affordable research that makes it easier to: improve competitive positioning, inform risk and crisis management, and manage reputational repositioning. 
Based in Melbourne, Cubit helps private and public sector organisations – both in Australia and around the world – achieve their desired organisational outcomes, by providing a deep understanding of how the media is influencing the thinking and decisions of their key stakeholder groups .
Cubit’s unique research methods allow its clients to see beyond the headlines, to the meaning, the impact, and the opportunities presented every day in the media.
Sales, Marketing and Leadership in today's evolving economy is hard but it's not impossible. Our goal is to provide you with fresh, innovative, proven sales and marketing strategies and tools that deliver outstanding results regardless of the economic conditions.
For your business to be successful, you will need to take control of it. Your personal knowledge and skill will determine where your business ends up.
The Your Business Success Coaching Program gives you access to credible, qualified business advice customised to your business when you need it. It includes information and advice gathered from 84 of Australia’s top entrepreneurs, 200+ business professionals and over 11,000 hours of business coaching interactions with other small to medium business owners.

Since 2003 IT Register have been designing, developing and supporting Web applications and databases for businesses of all sizes. Today we have over 250 experienced IT people registered to work with us.

Our services include: Software Development & Support, Website Design & Development, Managed Web and Email Hosting, Database Design & Management, Infrastructure Planning, IT Strategy, Project Planning and Offshore Team Management.