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Have you got a business, product or service idea that you’re passionate about bringing to market? The Entrepreneur and New Business (ENB) Development Program could be the spark that fuels your success.

This program will benefit anyone who is serious about becoming an entrepreneur or turning a product or service idea into reality

For more information regarding this program please visit www.iabs.edu.au

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Holly Stearnes – Ticker News

Now on some good news, though, we know that many entrepreneurs and business owners are actually adapting quite well to these changes, and they’re coming up with new ideas and that kind of thing. Talk to me about the initiatives, there’s some new initiatives for people who are wanting to go down startup path or create new products or services.

Bill Lang – Small Business Australia

Yeah, well, we are one of our partners at Small Business Australia is the Institute of Advanced Business, and based on looking at what’s available to help people that have got ideas for maybe a new product or a new service in their current business. Or maybe it could be a whole startup, a whole new business from scratch. There’s been a real gap around very practical step by step training and coaching to help you do the research, work out how the product might work, what it might cost, how you might market it. So the Institute is very excited because in coming weeks, a whole program of entrepreneur and new product development will be available that can be done, effectively part time through live interactive video. And at the end of it, someone ends up with a business plan, a product plan, they’re making presentations to what are called angel investors, to prospective customers for the product or service. So it’s very exciting from the Institute of Advanced Business.

Holly Stearnes 

Yeah, that’s great. So how do we get on board? We just jump on the jump on the website.

Bill Lang 

Yeah, so the website for the institute is iabs.edu.au