Buy Local Partnership Agreement

This Partnership Agreement, is between Small Business Australia Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA (referred to as Company), Suite 13, Level 1, 397 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3065 and  your company (referred to as Partner),


Started in early 2020, Small Business Australia Pty Ltd developed the Buy Local initiative to encourage consumers and small businesses to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Buy Local Small Business Australia is a collaborative movement bringing together large and small as Partners to encourage consumers and other businesses to support local small businesses.


Buy Local Small Business Australia MISSION

➔ Communicate “ Keeping Well and Buying Local ” and support and celebrate small businesses for what they do as local community leaders, as the heart and soul of local communities and as the economic engine room of Australian enterprise and employment

➔ Help small business owners survive through the pandemic and then grow to be more sustainable and provide resources and tools to support them

➔ Encouraging consumers and businesses to support the owners by creating awareness and encouraging people to buy local whether over the internet, over the telephone or over the counter face to face.

Agreement Provisions:

The parties seek to partner together on the Company’s Buy Local Small Business Australia Movement under the following terms:

1.1. The Company confirms that on an ongoing basis it will:
1.2. Coordinate through the provision of a campaign manager to run Buy Local Small Business Australia
1.3. Create, launch and manage ongoing Buy Local resources, collateral and promotional activity for Buy Local Small Business Australia that can be used by participating Partners and small businesses.
1.4. Create Buy Local Small Business Australia branded educational and inspirational content and make available for Partner use and distribution in as many ways as possible
1.5. Manage the Buy Local Small Business Australia micro web site and landing page and do online marketing to drive traffic and attention to it
1.6. Build growing number of partners who will promote and advocate for Buy Local Small Business Australia with their small business owner customers and or small businesses in their local area.
1.7. Manage press and media relations to get Buy Local Small Business Australia into the news
1.8 Make available Free membership of Small Business Australia

2.1. The Partner confirms that on an ongoing basis it will:
2.2. Be active on social media and share the Buy Local Small Business Australia message to all followers and online networks
2.3. Send out at least 1 email to small business owner database announcing partnership in Buy Local
Small Business Australia and letting small business owners how to engage and be involved
2.4. Where able to, work with the Company to work together to create custom content and education materials that can be used to both help small business owners and attract them to the Buy Local Small Business Australia website
2.5. Be active and engaged contributors and collaborators as new ideas and opportunities surface and come to life
2.6. Provide permission to use a Partner approved and provided Brand logo for use on the Buy Local Small Business Australia micro-website and that identifies the Partner as a partner organisation.

3.1. Partner is not required to contribute any direct financial contribution to the Company

4.1. This agreement is valid for 24 months of Buy Local Small Business Australia (starting from date of signing this agreement) and will automatically renew for each additional year unless Partner provides 30 days written notice (via email) to end the agreement.

5.1. The parties to this agreement agree that they will not disclose the terms of this agreement, to any Person, directly or indirectly, without the other parties written approval, except:
5.1.1. To their legal or financial advisors, in the course of obtaining advice; or
5.1.2. As may be required by law.
5.2. The parties acknowledge that their obligations under this clause are on-going.

Both parties enter this agreement in good faith with a shared mission to work together on behalf of Australian small businesses. It is agreed and understood that this partnership is built to support and serve small business owners as our primary mandate. We also believe that by supporting and serving small business owners we can grow our relationship with those same small business owners and create a scenario where everyone wins – the small businesses, their local communities, all participating partners and the Australian society and economy as a whole.