• Your coaching session includes:
    • 60 minute session with a professional coach
    • One-on-one session conducted via Zoom
    • High level action plan
    The coaching session process:
    • Select your coaching topic after purchase
    • Complete a short survey about your business
    • Select a date/time for your session
    Coaching from business professionals Our team of professional coaches have years of experience in starting, operating and selling small businesses. This experience has provided them with the knowledge of all facets of business including business loans, hiring employees, leasing premises and dealing with the daily challenges of being in business. Over the last 10 years, they have also served small business owners as advisors, coaches and mentors. Coaching delivery Practical coaching that delivers results - The Small Business Australia coaching service puts your business on the fast track to achieving real results and reaching your business goals sooner. We connect small businesses with our panel of expert coaches across key areas relevant to all businesses. You get a bespoke one-on-one 60 minute coaching session that will empower you to drive your business forward. There are no buzzwords or fluff here – only practical and proven tools and strategies (plus a bullet-point action plan) to deliver tangible outcomes for busy small business owners.
  • In today’s global marketplace, small businesses face competition like never before. You’re no longer just competing with local or even interstate businesses – often, you’ll be battling against global brands with limitless resources.

    But with challenge comes opportunity: if you can tap into just a fraction of your total available market, you can truly take your business to the next level.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Identify priority target customer segments for existing products and services
    • Understand how prospects find, evaluate, buy and use your type of products and services
    • Identify key gaps in your current marketing and sales strategies
    • Develop a customer attraction plan
  • Are you looking to improve your digital security?

    Many businesses know that digital security is essential but don’t know where to start. This coaching session will highlight the key risks and strategies to increase your protection and make your business more secure from cyber security threats.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand the major digital risks all businesses face
    • Evaluate current approaches the business has in place to protect against digital risks

    • Identify gaps in current approaches

    • Develop a digital security action plan

  • Cashflow is the lifeblood of any small business. Offering exceptional goods or service is no use if you can’t pay staff, rent or your other obligations. Regardless of your industry or situation, there are financial fundamentals that will help you plan and manage your income and expenses to help you not just survive but thrive.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand key elements of your existing cashflow cycle and financial structure
    • Understand best practices in sales, accounts receivable, expenses and financial management
    • Identify opportunities to improve cashflow and financial structure
    • Develop a cashflow and financial improvement plan
  • Strategies to increase your sales results

    By matching your marketing and sales activities to how your customers want to buy, you can focus effort and investment in areas that do work.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand customer buying process and where marketing and sales activities influence it
    • Evaluate current sales effectiveness and identify core gaps
    • Identify sales activities, skills and systems that will fill the gaps and increase sales
    • Develop a sales action plan
  • Your Keeping Existing Customers coaching session will provide practical and proven strategies, actions and tools across the sales, fulfilment and relationship management functions of your business. You can implement these insights straight away to keep current customers coming back and to increase purchase frequency and/or average sale size.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Identify reasons existing customers are leaving
    • Understand how they find, evaluate and buy from your competitors
    • Identify key gaps in your current customer retention and relationship management strategies
    • Develop a customer relationship and retention plan
  • Regardless of your product, service, industry or size, your business needs to have an online presence in the digital age. If potential customers can’t find, speak to or order from you in their preferred method, they’ll find someone who they can.

    The good news? While it can feel overwhelming for busy business owners to develop an online presence, once you have a plan, some tools and a little education, it’s much easier (and cost-effective) than you think.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand the key elements of your existing online strategy across the key functions of marketing, sales, fulfilment, relationship management and operations
    • Determine one major objective to focus on (your ‘top goal’) and understand best practice online strategies in this area
    • Identify priority opportunities to improve your online strategy in order to achieve your top goal
    • Develop an online strategy action plan
  • Work smarter not harder to achieve your results

    The challenges of running a business have never been more demanding. From the impacts of the pandemic, changing customer needs and demands, the competition from around the world and the avalanche of information and interruptions, many business owners are feeling a loss of energy, focus and optimism.

    By prioritising what to focus on in the business with personal effectiveness improvement, business owners can focus effort and investment on what will matter most to them and their business.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand and prioritise key issues impacting the business
    • Evaluate the current approach to running the business given other commitments and level of effectiveness
    • Identify personal practices or business processes to improve
    • Develop a personal improvement action plan
  • Recruiting and Training Employees

    Since the onset of the pandemic, the availability and demands of employees in many industries have never been more complex. Australia is currently experiencing low unemployment rates and changes to what benefits employees are looking for, making it harder for some businesses to attract employees more than customers.

    This coaching session will provide the following benefits:

    • Understand the benefits and trade-offs of casual, part-time and full-time positions
    • Identify key knowledge, experience and skills needed for key employee roles
    • Determine the best approach to attracting quality applications
    • Understand sources of government funding for the recruitment, employment and training of employees
    • Develop an employee upskilling action plan
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