Our Mission

To build a thriving small business sector that provides financial security for those working in small businesses, and continues to support vibrant local communities for all Australians.

To achieve this mission we will:

Bill Lang - Executive Director-at Small Business Australia

Bill Lang   |   Executive Director

Bill is a business educator, coach and advisor with a passion for helping businesses improve performance through individual skill development, strategy execution and capitalising on the opportunities presented by the digital and international business revolutions.

His 30 years’ experience in building better businesses across a range of industries and countries began at top tier consulting firms, and then in his own businesses which serve clients operating in over 50 countries.

His entrepreneurial journey began with ‘Dr Dog’, a hotdog selling start-up co-founded while studying at Melbourne University in 1985. After graduating as a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School, he co-founded internet technology and marketing businesses in Australia and Silicon Valley that culminated in a $120 million global alliance with AT&T and British Telecom.

Bill is the creator of the business improvement system Scores on the Board and the Host of the Business Education TV Series, Your Business Network. For the last 20 years, Bill has leveraged his small and international business experience through his group of companies to help business owners and leaders achieve their goals, to achieve more success with less stress.

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Our Creed

We believe business owners and their team members are the heart of the Aussie economy and the driving force behind thriving local communities.

We believe competitive markets provide the best opportunity to create healthy, vibrant and sustainable local communities that form a vital component of the national economy and society.

We believe in a culture of enterprise, where creativity, initiative and learning through action are celebrated, and where profit through enterprise in a competitive market is not a dirty word.

We believe in the importance of a great life-long education system – one that develops growth mindsets and enterprise skills, and enables individuals to rapidly acquire the skills required to contribute effectively and productively as part of a team.

We believe in a fair and just taxation system. We expect that our taxes be used responsibly, that they are well invested, provide a reasonable return on investment to society, and that those responsible for how taxes are used are accountable for poor performance.

We believe that healthy businesses need healthy team members. We’re committed to helping governments and small business people develop strategies to tackle the underlying causes – not just the symptoms – of the prevalent physical and mental health issues affecting many Australians.

We believe in strength in numbers. Together, we are 5 million people. When we speak respectfully with a clear and consistent voice, our views will be heard and acted upon in the corridors of power.

Policy Areas

The broad policy areas at the heart of the Small Business Australia mission include:


The issues we tackle are determined by our members. From time to time we send members a 5 minute Small Business Survey to gauge your views on a range of topics so we can understand the major issues affecting the small business sector.

Recycling is a hot topic across the country. Is it adequate in your council? What needs to be done to fix it?

Road congestion is crippling our economy and choking our quality of life. How can we strike the right balance so that customers can visit your premises without the threat of an exorbitant parking fine?

Has your industry been burnt by an Uber-style competitor that can operate outside the laws (which the rest of us have to abide by)?

Are there infrastructure projects that are crippling your business – or are crying out to be implemented? For example, how has the Metro train tunnel construction in Melbourne’s CBD, or the Tram project in Sydney, affected your business? Is this fair?

What key mindsets and knowledge do you need from school/TAFE/Uni leavers and new employees in your business? How can vocational education be improved?

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