Profit Improvement Blueprint


$595 for Business Advantage members

Do you believe you deserve to make more profit from the time and energy you put into your business? Would you like to earn a more predictable profit level with the same or less time commitment? Are you concerned about the risks to the business in the future?

With the size and structure of many industries changing rapidly, we provide this service to help business owners identify and implement strategies to achieve their profit goals, given the time and resources they can invest in the business.

Whether you want to increase your business’s profit, develop your processes to invest less time in running the business or generally would like more profit with less stress, our Profit Improvement Blueprint service is a must for eligible business owners seeking an achievable plan to improve their business.

Benefits of the service and report

Our Small Business Australia Coaches develop an understanding of your business, its current profitability and your profit goals.

They then analyse your current strategy, capabilities and systems to identify the business improvements you can make to achieve your profit goals given your available time and resources.

Finally, the Profit Improvement Blueprint report will detail the specific improvements you can implement when ready to improve the business over the next 12 to 24 months.

  • Know the profit drivers for your business and the impact of improving your performance along each one
  • Understand how your business compares to the performance of similar businesses along the critical profit drivers
  • Identify the major business risk areas and the improvements you can make to reduce and manage these risks
  • Understand the specific improvement strategies and investments required to improve the performance of your business’s top 3 profit drivers

Eligible businesses for this service

This service is only available to businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum average revenue over the last 3 years of $700,000 p.a.
  • Minimum profit before tax over the last 3 years of $250,000 p.a.
  • Minimum of 5 years tax returns available

How we deliver this service

Step 1
Initial consultation

You will meet with one of our coaches (via Zoom) so that they can learn about your business, its current performance and your profit goals. This meeting will take approximately 60 minutes.

Step 2
Gather information

After your meeting and based on your initial discussion, your coach will ask you to gather the required information to analyse your business.

Step 3
The analysis

Our coaches will then research and analyse your business to determine the key profit drivers and your performance against other businesses. They will compile a report identifying the top 3 profit improvements you can make.

Step 4

You will meet with your coach again (via Zoom), and they will take you through the report and highlight their findings. The meeting will take approximately 60 minutes. You will receive your blueprint report via email after the presentation.