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We invite you to join Team Small Business Australia

By joining the team, you join others and become a partner in the Keep Well Buy Local movement.

Why was the Keep Well Buy Local movement formed?

In a year that has presented bushfires, drought and a pandemic, small businesses are in the fight of their life for survival.

We wanted to find a way to support our members beyond the products and services we offer via our membership. And more broadly, how can we help the 2.2 million small businesses in Australia and the 5 million people employed by them.

Small business owners are the lifeblood of the local community. They provide the work experience, prizes for fundraising and sponsorship with local sports clubs. They have continuously given to the local community, it is now our turn to give back and support them.

What are the key purposes of the Keep Well Buy Local movement?

This is a movement that with the help of our partners we want to build, grow and take action for many years ahead.
Our key purpose is to help small business owners, their employees and all customers to:

Keep Well by reinforcing the three keys things we all can do keep the virus at bay and reduce the spread so we can continue to go about our lives. These are to:

  • Keep our hands clean
  • Keep our 1.5 metre distance
  • Wear a mask in crowded areas

Encourage every Australian customer to buy local when purchasing a product or service.

Provide small business owners with access to resources, tools, and advice and expense savings to adapt their businesses to the demands of the COVID 19 economy and beyond.

Why become partners and join Team Small Business Australia?

By joining together we can achieve more.

Our partners operate nationally and between them serve every Australian small business and every citizen. Team Small Business Australia knows that Small Business owners are the hearts and souls of their local communities and it will take all Australian citizens, customers and businesses, large and small, working together, keeping each other well and buying local to move our communities and small businesses forward.

Proud Buy Local Small Business Australia Founding Partners*

Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Australia Post

Supporting Buy Local Partners*

*The Partner organisations have provided permission to use their logo to show their support for the Buy Local Small Business Australia initiative.

What is the role of a partner?

The role of our partners is to help spread the word and show their support for small businesses.

To do this we support and advise them to:

  • Inform their channel partners and customers of the Keep Well Buy Local movement and how they can get involved
  • Leverage their social media and other communication options to encourages consumers to Buy Local and support small businesses by distributing available educational content
  • Optional: Print and distribute stickers, decals for use on windows, cars and vans (e.g. collect from your retail outlets, include in your parcels etc.)

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