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Climate activists dampen Melbourne CBD small business revival

“It really puts a lot of strain on us, puts a brake on our business” – Yusuf Hussain, CBD Trader

“There were 1000s of small businesses on their knees. Only yesterday in the city of Melbourne did we have the most foot traffic that we’ve seen for 12 months” – Bill Lang, Small Business Australia

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Struggling CBD traders express their anger at climate activists

Businesses operating in the CBD say more disturbance is the last thing they need after the Coronavirus crisis crippled their livelihoods.

“The protest was a lots of disruption like no I don’t have any customer usually we are pretty busy this time” – Raj Shilu, Trader

“When the protest is deliberately designed to bring the city and therefore businesses to a standstill this is you know economic terrorism” – Bill Lang, Small Business Australia