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The new trade agreement has also meant a new opportunity for young Australians to extend their working VISA in the UK to 3 years and up to the age of 35.

Bill Lang joined Anthony Lucas from Ticker News to discuss the latest in small business news.

You can watch the segment via the following YouTube video or read the highlights of the transcript below.

Bill Lang – Small Business Australia

Well that’s the other great thing and it’s always been a rite of passage for many young Australians to spend some time in the UK and for many people from the UK to come out and spend time here. The great news is you’re going to be able to spend now up to three years on a sort of working holiday visa in either country, up until the age of 35. So it used to be sort of only up until the age of 30 and only a couple of years. So once COVID is dealt with, once everyone’s vaccinated, we’ll be able to go to each other’s countries and if you’re under 35 be there for like up to three years working and living in a fabulous country.