Bill Lang on Ticker News

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Business Devastation

Bill Lang, Executive Director of Small Business Australia, joins Alana McLean from Ticker News on his weekly small business news update. This week they discuss the latest research conducted by Small Business Australia on the alarming number of small businesses on the verge of going out of business.

Through no fault of their own, nearly half a million small businesses are on the brink of collapse. Bill Lang calls for the government to provide more tailored assistance to help those businesses and industries in need.

Many small businesses have had to dip into their savings and sell off real estate to keep their business afloat and now have to decide whether to continue. While Job Keeper has provided some assistance, it does not begin to support the many other recurring business expenses that don’t stop just because there is a pandemic. On top of that, we continue to have border wars and mini lockdowns that increase the future’s uncertainty.

We need a national approach and see the state and federal governments have a more consistent and straightforward approach to contact tracing and communication.

Contact tracing: States such as WA and NSW have developed simple, easy to use apps that businesses can use for free to check-in customers to their store or location.

Communication: The fiasco in the last 24 hours over the traffic light system and Victorian citizens requiring a permit is an example of how poor these plans and communication are implemented.