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When things are tough and backs are against the wall it’s great to have a good news story to inspire small businesses.

Small business owners by nature are very resilient and creative. This story about the Why Meat Company shows that by approaching some manufacturing businesses in Melbourne, that were on the verge of going out of business due to no events taking place, were able to produce their product and give hope to a manufacturing business.

You can learn more about Emma and Ashley’s business here – click to view whymeatcompany.com.au

This product is currently in stock at Woolworths. If you would like to support your local supermarket, ask them if they can stock it for you – Keep Well Buy Local

Bill Lang joined Holly Stearnes from Ticker News to discuss this great news story.

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Holly Stearnes (Ticker News)

We know that there’s been lots of new start-ups in the face of the pandemic. Can you quickly tell us about small business plant-based company – Why Meat, I know that there’s some interesting topics to be had about that company?

Bill Lang (Executive Director, Small Business Australia)

Yeah, amazing story. And there are many amazing stories of new small businesses that have started up and have had to pivot or as we say at Small Business Australia – adapt, you know, change or die.

But in the case of this particular company, which is called The Why Meat Company, an entrepreneurial husband and wife Emma and Ashley, at the start of the pandemic, one of the great frustrations you know, they’ve always had is, you go to parties and things and there’s often a lack of sort of a quality vegetarian or vegan or gluten-free, related family favourite like the sausage roll.

And Emma, who is a food technologist then started experimenting with various recipes and came up with a fantastic plant-based recipe. And literally, you cannot tell the difference when you actually eat this but the story even gets better than that in that as she talked to some manufacturers, there are a couple of food manufacturing businesses in Melbourne in the state of Victoria. And that were on the verge of going out of business because there were no events, there was no catering, no production that they could do for what they typically did. They agreed to get involved in manufacturing it.

And then Australian supermarket giant Woolworths agreed to put this product’s launch into 600 of its supermarkets. And we think it’s just a fantastic experience of an example of some entrepreneurs, you know, a mum and dad, husband and wife coming up with the idea, actually saving a couple of manufacturing businesses, is having Woolworths get behind them right from the very start.

 And now this product that are the Why Meat Company sausage rolls are in freezes all around Australia at Woolworths you can buy it online. The thing is going off on social media.

And anytime you’re having a party, there’s always going to be someone that eat the old traditional meat-based one. Now the Why Meat Company’s got a great solution for.

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