Small business gives budget an ‘A-minus’

Source:  The Australian
Journalists:  Ellie Dudley

Bill Lang’s comments featured in the article:

Small Business Australia Executive Bill Lang has said he gives the federal budget an “A-minus” when it comes to helping SMEs navigate the post-COVID economy.

Mr Lang said the improving employment rate and continued tax cuts for individuals will help to generate confidence and cash for Australians to spend in small businesses across the country.

He also commended the small business lending scheme for assisting businesses who were forced off JobKeeper to access greater cash flow.

However, he said the budget did not support small businesses in struggling sectors.

“Small Business Australia still has concerns over direct support for businesses in hard hit industries such as travel and tourism,” he said.

“Whilst it is pleasing to see some funding, the devil is always in the detail and we will hold judgment to see how easy funding is to access for business owners in these devastated sectors.”

He added small businesses need further support in their digital growth strategies.