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Bill Lang joined Holly Stearnes from Ticker News to discuss the latest in small business grants made available by the government.

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for exporters. Each year it helps some 4,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to start or expand their export business.

For more information regarding Export Market Development Grants visit – www.austrade.gov.au/australian/export/export-grants

You can watch the segment via the following YouTube video or read the highlights of the transcript below.

Holly Stearnes – Ticker News

When we talk about exporting, what should businesses be watching out for, what should they be doing?

Bill Lang – Small Business Australia

Yeah look, one of the great service area opportunities is around health. So we’ve done a great job with respect to the pandemic health management. With video-related technology now in live video and translation software dealing with Asian countries is a big opportunity. But look it is tricky when you enter other markets, cultures are very different.

There are different ways of thinking about things, not just different ways of communicating, but different ways of thinking about things. So it’s really worthwhile for businesses to start exploring it and to explore some of the great services that the governments of each country have got available to help you go global.

Holly Stearnes 

So for tips for I guess, for Australian businesses, what would you tell them if they were looking at exporting to New Zealand sort of thing? What tips would you give there?

Bill Lang 

Yeah, well, the Australian Government has an organisation called AusTrade and one of the great services and initiatives they have is something called Export Market Development Grants or the jargon is EMGD.

Now what that means is you can go forward and invest in getting advice, advice on marketing, or even setting up websites to target your different countries, not just New Zealand, but also throughout Asia and other countries. And you can get a good percentage of that back from AusTrade to help reduce the cost of exploring and starting to do the market development, the marketing into those countries.

Holly Stearnes 

Yeah, cool. So how does I guess how did I go about getting involved in that? Where do we find it?

Bill Lang 

Always come to www.smallbusinessaustralia.org, we’ve got resources, you can ask some questions. You go straight to AusTrade, in the case of Australian businesses. EMGD, do a Google search on that. But yeah, come and come over to www.smallbusinessaustralian.org, join up for free and we’ve got guides on how you do that stuff and how you access the resources and some of the government incentives.

Holly Stearnes 

I’ve been on their website. It’s amazing. I love that website. I encourage everyone to go and view that.