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As a result of research conducted over the past 12 months, Small Business Australia has developed new coaching session services to cover the 4 main issues businesses are currently experiencing.

The sessions involve a 60-minute Zoom call with an experienced coach, followed up by a bullet point action plan.

Coaching session topics:

To learn more about these services please visit www.smallbusinessaustralia.org

This post includes Bill Lang and Anthony Lucas from Ticker News.

You can watch the segment via the following YouTube video or read the highlights of the transcript below.

Anthony Lucas 

Well there’s no doubt COVID has disrupted many businesses right around the country over the last 12 months. Small Business Australia has analysed the needs of business owners and for more on what this mean for big businesses, but most importantly, the small businesses as well let’s bring in Bill Lang from Small Business Australia. Now, Bill, you’ve identified four priority issues and needs for our businesses. What are these?

Bill Lang 

Yeah, well, the first one is all around customers. So having spoken with a couple of 1,000 business owners, they say one of their top four issues is how do we attract and how do we keep customers? That’s the first one. The second one then is all around cash flow and finances. How do we get more cash in the door? How do we get our finances structured properly? The third one then is all around the area of saving money on what they bought, you know, their expenses, as well as saving time on managing the business. And the fourth one, and this applies to every business is sort of everything online and digital, like improving their approach to online strategy, which digital tools to be using, etc.

Anthony Lucas 

And I think that’s probably one of the most important things is, as these COVID times continue, you know, we’re shifting online to, you know, buy stuff online, get our services, I guess, how are you and Small Business Australia helping businesses in these areas?

Bill Lang 

Yeah, so as a result of the research over that 12 month period, and then talking with the business owner, what sort of help do you need? They said, Look, we know we need to be doing certain things in these areas. But we want some specific help in terms of some know how do we go about doing it. So what we’ve created now are four very straightforward practical sort of one hour coaching sessions, which are around those four topics and, and what a business does is it kicks off with giving you some good background information about the business, what they’ve got in place, etc. Then they have a one hour Zoom call with an experienced coach in that area, who then follows up with a bullet point action plan and pointing them towards some other resources to help them implement things and possibly some savings in getting some help and implementing