At last a reason for hope on the path to abnormality

Source: The Australian
Journalist: John Ferguson

Bill Lang’s comments featured in the article:

Small Business Australia executive director Bill Lang said he welcomed news of a Victorian reopening, but feared the possibility of a “third lockdown” if Victoria’s contact tracing capabilities were not up to scratch.

“Sadly, we have lost thousands of businesses during the extended closure and want to lessen that damage, which is why we are urging people to get out and shop, eat, drink and enjoy that freedom that has been taken from Melburnians for weeks, ” Mr Lang said.

“The lingering concern from small business is a third lockdown. Hearing the Premier say that he prefers ‘old-fashioned ways’ such as pen and paper to technology when it comes to contact and trace, would have sent a shiver down the spine of business owners.”

Bill Lang's comments in The Australian