Improving revenues and profits of professional services practices

Thursday 25th July at 12:30 pm AEST

While economic forces continue to impact the overall level of property and commercial transactions, the changes coming in AI and regulation will increase pressures on practice revenues and profits.

Our Small Business Australia webinar, brought to you by our partner PEXA, will detail some key practical strategies practice owners in legal, conveyancing and accounting practices can implement to maintain and improve on existing revenue and profit levels.


Angela Ward


3228 Digital

Liz Grant

Business Coach

The Startup Co.

Samantha Tait

CEO & Founder


Bill Lang

Bill Lang (Host)

Executive Director

Small Business Australia

Small Business Australia

Learning outcomes

Drivers of Revenue and Profits

  • Understanding your Practice Profit Tree
  • Role of customer numbers, pricing, staff productivity and systems
  • Importance of accounting for owner time and pressure

Attracting New Customers

  • Why existing and past customers are critical
  • Issues with existing websites, email and the telephone
  • What AI and Google changes will mean to your marketing and promotional strategy

Converting the Enquirer into a Customer

  • Profiling the customer and their needs
  • Educating the customer about what’s involved for their needs, what’s important when making a choice
  • Overcoming the four reasons many enquirers do not choose your practice
  • Designing the 4 C’s to your conversation process

Pricing for Customer Satisfaction, Profit and Referrals

  • Making visible the invisible
  • Educating the customer and exceeding their expectations
  • Ensuring the service delivery costs to you and the peace of mind/time savings for the customer are captured

Role of your practice brand, your personal professional brand and brand building social media

  • What is a personal professional brand, and why is it important?
  • What social media will give practice owners a return on time/energy and financial investment?

Building an ongoing relationship after the file is closed

  • Adding more value during the delivery process. Where’s the stress?
  • Adding value after the fees are paid