Unlocking Australia’s Start-up Potential: The Top Cities

Discover the best Australian cities for launching your start-up, based on a comprehensive study of key economic factors.

Launching a start-up is an adventure filled with challenges and opportunities. While the digital age has somewhat blurred geographical lines, a start-up's physical location can significantly influence its survival and growth prospects. With this in mind, the Start-up Cities Report, compiled by Australian accounting software company Reckon, provides invaluable insights for entrepreneurs looking to find the golden spot in Australia to plant the seeds of their next venture.

The comprehensive study analysed the 50 largest Australian cities across 18 crucial data points, offering a panoramic view of the landscape that new businesses are stepping into. Factors such as talent pool quality, business environment, internet infrastructure, and cost of living were meticulously assessed to score each city on a 0-100 scale. Here are the highlights and insights from the report that aspiring and current entrepreneurs should not miss.

The Verdict

While major capital cities often come to mind when thinking about start-ups, the report suggests considering broader horizons. Surprising entries in the list and unique offerings of each location suggest that the "best" city varies based on the specific needs and niche of your start-up.

Beyond the Data

Reckon's CEO, Sam Allert, emphasises that success is achievable across Australia's diverse cities. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to look beyond the obvious choices and to consider a wider geographical horizon when planning their ventures.


This report serves more than just a ranking of cities; it's a tool for strategic decision-making. Whether you're plotting your first venture or looking to expand, the insights from the Reckon Start-up Cities Report can guide you towards a location that maximises your start-up’s potential for success. Remember, location is more than a backdrop; it's a strategic asset.

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Original report prepared by Reckon and accessed May 07 2024 - www.reckon.com/au/small-business-resources/startup-cities

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