Seize the Moment: Why Start Your Business Now

Discover why the present day is ripe for launching your start-up, backed by expert insights and practical advice.

In an era distinguished by unprecedented challenges and transformations, the clarion call for entrepreneurship rings more resounding than ever before. Jarrad Skeen, in an article for Smart Company, debunks the notion that periods plagued by uncertainty are unfit for initiating a business. Contrarily, today’s unpredictable circumstances may very well cultivate the right environment for the emergence of ground breaking start-up narratives.

The entrepreneurial flame has remained untamed throughout our history, unaffected by economic downturns or global uncertainties. Skeen’s piece reflects on such times as paradoxically ripe for innovation and venturesome business undertakings. He makes a case that with the appropriate approach to strategy, valuation, and management of resources, one can, in fact, establish and grow a successful business within the complex fabric of today’s world.

The year 2021 shone as a landmark for Australian start-ups, as investments tripled to a staggering $10 billion — a record high that denoted an era of buoyancy and confidence within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Although we've seen a rejoinder to the investment levels of 2018, with $668 million amassed in 2023, the intrinsic worth and prospects for start-ups have not waned, highlighted by Victoria’s start-up ecosystem which has vaulted to over $103 billion in value.

Amidst a backdrop where straightforward funding routes have dwindled, entrepreneurs are encouraged to adopt a bootstrapping strategy. This not only promotes financial discernment and tenacity, but as Skeen notes, it also fosters a culture of accountability and positions companies for sustainable growth that is alluring to future investors. And this is where Business Advantage’s ‘Get The Edge’ program becomes the quintessential investment for budding entrepreneurs determined to maximise their chances of triumph.

‘Get The Edge’ offers a robust platform for those contemplating their own start- up journey. It’s a comprehensive program designed to equip nascent entrepreneurs with the essential tools, insights, and strategic frameworks to navigate the intricate start-up landscape successfully. In light of Skeen’s emphasis on the importance of a sound strategy and financial model, ‘Get The Edge’ serves as a catalyst, transforming potential and ideas into ventures with solid growth narratives.

As we embark on the endeavour to captivate investment and talent, the insights provided by ‘Get The Edge’ become invaluable. Investors are constantly in pursuit of companies that not only talk growth but walk it — elucidating clear, cogent paths to scale, backed by solid financial modelling. This program helps start-ups epitomise substance over ideation, concreting their narratives with actionable plans and defensible predictions of success.

The evolutionary dynamics of today’s workplace culture are shifting employee priorities towards work-life harmony, flexible work arrangements, and significant corporate culture—domains where start-ups naturally excel. ‘Get The Edge’ underscores the imperative of portraying value beyond fiscal incentives, and of illustrating the comprehensive advantages of partaking in a start-up endeavour.

In summing up Skeen's narrative, we are reminded that the initiative to set sail with a start-up in the current conditions is not just achievable but might be exceedingly timely. While the terrains are strewn with obstacles, the vista is ripe with possibilities for those who are prepared to traverse with determination, strategic foresight, and an astute recognition of opportunities. With 'Get The Edge' by Business Advantage, entrepreneurs are endowed with an unparalleled opportunity to shape these challenges into their own success stories.

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Original article published by Smart Company April 23 2024 and accessed 06 May 2024