Enquiry analysis tracker (EAT)

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This tool includes two templates – an individual enquiry sheet and a weekly summary. Use these forms to track the number of enquiries your business receives and determine how many of these convert to customers.

Tracking enquiries is an important element of the sales funnel process. By tracking enquiries you will be able to keep track of leads and determine the rate of converting an enquiry to won customer.

There are 5 key components and advantages of the EAT sheet:

  1. Determine whether they are an existing customer or not
  2. Find out how the lead heard about your business
  3. Collect same information for each enquiry
  4. Track the most popular items
  5. Keep note of the reasons for lost quotes.

Additionally, there are 3 key benefits of completing the EAT weekly summary:

  1. Evaluate the number of won, tentative or lost enquiries for the week
  2. Determine the conversion rate from enquiry to customer
  3. Calculate the total weekly takings.

Knowing this type of information will allow you to better understand whether you need to increase the number of enquiries your business is receiving, or improve the conversion rate from enquiry to customer.

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Enquiry analysis tracker (EAT)

Using the enquiry analysis tracker on all of the enquiries will help gain a better insight into both your customers and the business.

Enquiry analysis tracker (EAT) – Weekly summary

Completing an EAT weekly summary will provide you with a better insight into your business.